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Craig Kuziemsky

WEB 20SOCIAL NETWORKS FLATTENER 9 INFORMINGAs we globalize speed increases and the world gets smaller o Globalization 10Boats and exploring o Globalization 20Trains faster transportation o Globalization 30Information technologies internet etcDrivers fast changes emergence of new industriesGoogle employs mathematicians who constantly work on search algorithms to keep them above the competitionSearch engines are flatteners since anyone with the internet can access any topic they desire WEB 20 AND COLLABORATIVE TOOLSWeb 20advanced Internet technology and applications ie blogs wikis RSS social bookmarking o Web 20 vs WWWgreater collaboration o Relies on user generated and controlled data and content o More user contributionmore popular and valuable a web 20 site is o Lightweight programs allow anyone to be a website developero Major emphasis on social networks and computingStatic websiteonce published content will not change until edited o Eg 2DopeboyzDynamic websitedatabasedriven site content depends on data o Eg eBayWikisite for users to addedit content collectivelyo Collaboration tool evolving content with record of changes madeRSS publishes updating content blogs news entries o content is read through feed readersaggregators INTERNET BUSINESS MODELSVirtual store frontselling products directly to consumersbusinesses o ChapterscaInformation brokerprovides poduct pricing availability information to consumersbusinesses o EhealthinsurancecomTransaction brokerprocesses online sales transactions o BaystreetcaOnline service providerprovides a service revenue through transaction fees advertising etc o Xdrivecom
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