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Chapter 4

ADM2320 Chapter 4

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University of Ottawa
Marzena Cedzynski

ADM2320 Chapter 4 Marketing Research Marketing Research Consists of a set of techniques and principles for systematically collecting, recoding, analyzing and interpreting data that can aid decision makers involved in marketing goods, services or ideas. The Marketing Research Process Step 1: Defining the Objectives and Research Needs  What information is needed to answer specific research questions?  How should that information be obtained? Step 2: Designing the Research Project  Identify the type of data needed to determine the type of research necessary to collect it.  Secondary data: Pieces of information that have been collected prior to the start of the focal project.  Syndicated data: Data available for a fee from commercial research firms.  Primary data: Data collected to address the specific research needs/questions currently under investigation. Include focus groups, in- depth interviews, and surveys.  Reliability: The extent to which the same result is achieved when a study is repeated under identical situations.  Validity: The extent to which a study measures what it is supposed to measure.  Sample: A segment or subset of the population that adequately represents the entire population of interest.  Sampling: The process of picking a sample. Step 3: Collect Data Using Exploratory Research  How can a firm use exploratory research to uncover consumers’ attitudes toward their product/service? o Observation: entails examining purchase and consumption behaviors through personal or video camera scrutiny. o In-depth interview: trained researchers ask questions, listen to and record the answers, and then pose additional questions to clarify or expand a particular issue. o Focus Group: a small group of persons comes together for an in- d
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