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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - Environmental Scanning.docx

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September 20 2012MarketingADM2320Lecture 3Environmental ScanningDemography Statistical study of human population and its distributionDemographic changes worldwide population explosion changing Canadian family Canadian birthrate slowdown rise in nonfamily households aging of population ethnic makeup of Canada Cultural Forces characteristics of society consumers values and beliefsAdaptive cumulative value laden learnedDimensions space colours symbols time values norms customsEnculturation process of learning the value systems of ones own culturesAcculturation process of learning the value system of another cultureLegal Environment There to ensure fair competition and to protect consumerscurrent trends permit economy to be marketdriven finetune regulation of health safety and environment and privatize government servicesproducts that are more efficiently delivered by private sectorThe USoSherman Act In the states it is illegal to contract to monopolize and to substantially lessen competition Were talking about intentoClayton Act It lists acts per seas is regardless of the consequences violations
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