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Chapter 5

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Marketing Chapter 5 Consumer BehaviourThe Consumer Decision Process represents the steps that consumers go through before during and after making purchases1Need RecognitionThe beginning of the consumer decision process occurs when consumers recognize they have an unsatisfied need and want to go from their actual needy state to a different desired stateThe greater the discrepancy between these two states the greater the need recognition will be Functional Needs pertain to the performance of a product or service Psychological Needs pertain to the personal gratification consumers associate with a product or service The key to successful marketing is determining the correct balance of functional and psychological needs that best appeals to the firms target markets So marketers use numerous tactics to either remind customers of a need or create new needs Researching and understanding what products and services customers need or want and why are the first steps in developing appropriate tactics 2Information SearchAfter a consumer recognizes a need they search for information about the various options that exist to satisfy that need The length and intensity of the search are based on several factors including the degree of perceived risk associated with purchasing the product or service and the importance of the product to the consumer Internal search for information occurs when the buyer examines his or her own memory and knowledge about the product or service gathered through past experiences External search for information occurs when the buyer seeks information outside his or her personal knowledge base to help make the buying decision Factors Affecting Consumers Search Process it is important for marketers to understand the many factors that affect consumers search process Among them are the following
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