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Chapter 4

ADM2320C Chapter 4 - Analyzing the Marketing Environment

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Ajax Persaud

ADM2320C Chapter 4Analyzing the Marketing EnvironmentSeptember1911 1130 AM Microenvironment factors customerSuccessfully leveraging company capabilities y Building relationships with corporate partners yo Justintime JIT inventory system merchandise is delivered just in time for it to be used in the manufacture of another product Macro environmental factors CDSTEP Competitorsyo A firm should know its competitors including their strengths weaknesses and likely reactions to the marketing activities their own firm undertakes o Competitive intelligence CI used by firms to collect and synthesize information about their position in respect to their rivals enables companies to anticipate market developments rather than merely react to them Reviewing public materials including websites press releases annual reports etcyInterviewing customers suppliers partners or former employeesyAnalyzing a rivals marketing tactics distribution practices pricing and hiring needsyDemographicsy o Countable characteristics of the human population and segments especially those used to identify consumer markets such as Age generation cohortsa group of people in the same generation usually have ysimilar purchase behaviou
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