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Chapter 1

ADM2336 Chapter 1: What is Organizational Behaviour?

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Craig Kuziemsky

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Chapter  1              What  is  Organizational  Behaviour?   What  is  Organizational  Behaviour?   ORGANIZATIONAL  BEHAVIOUR  DEFINED   Organizational  Behaviour  (OB)  is  a  field  of  study  devoted  to  understanding,   explaining,  and  ultimately  improving  the  attitudes  and  behaviours  of  individuals   and  groups  in  organizations.   • Scholars  in  management  conduct  research  on  OB.   • Managers  or  consultants  then  apply  the  findings  from  that  research  in  order   to  find  out  whether  they  help  meet  “real-­‐world”  challenges.   • OB  can  be  contrasted  with  two  other  courses:   o Human  resources  management:  Field  of  study  that  focuses  on  the   applications  of  OB  theories  and  principles  in  organizations.   § Best  ways  to  structure  training  programs  to  promote  employee   learning.   o Strategic  management:  Field  of  study  devoted  to  exploring  the   product  choices  and  industry  characteristics  that  affect  an   organization’s  profitability   § Relationship  between  firm  diversification  and  firm  profitability   AN  INTEGRATIVE  MODEL  OF  OB     INDIVIDUAL     CHARACTERISTICS  AND     GROUP  MECHANISMS       Personality,  Cultural   INDIVUAL     Values,  and  Ability   MECHANISMS       Teams,  Diversity,  and     Communication   Job  Satisfaction   INDIVIDUAL   OUTCOMES   Power,  Influence,  and   Stress     Negotiation   Job  Performance   Leadership  Styles   Motivation   and  Behaviour   Organizational   Commitment   ORGANIZATIONAL   Trust,  Justice,  and   MECHANISMS   Ethics       Organizational   Learning  and     Structure     Decision  Making     Organizational   Culture  and  Change   INDIVIDUAL  OUTCOMES   Job  Performance  |  Organizational  Commitment   • The  rightmost  portion  of  the  model  contains  the  two  primary  outcomes  of   interest  to  OB  researches.   • Employees  have  two  primary  goals  for  their  working  lives   o To  perform  their  jobs  well   o To  remain  members  of  an  organization  they  respect   • Managers  have  two  primary  goals  for  their  employees   o To  maximize  their  job  performance     o To  retain  these  employees  for  a  significant  length  of  time   INDIVIDUAL  MECHANISMS   Job  Satisfaction  |  Stress  |  Motivation  |  Trust,  Justice,  and  Ethics  |   Learning  and  Decision  Making   • Job  satisfaction  which  captures  what  employees  feel  when  thinking  about   their  jobs,  and  doing  day-­‐to-­‐day  work   • Stress  which  reflects  employees’  psychological  responses  to  job  demands  that   tax  or  exceed  their  capacities   • Motivation  which  captures  the  energetic  forces  that  drive  employees’  work  effort   • Trust,  justice  and  ethics  reflect  the  degree  to  which  employees  feel  that  their   company  conducts  business  with  fairness,  honesty,  and  integrity.   • Learning  and  decision  making  which  deals  with  how  employees  gain  job   knowledge  and  how  they  use  that  knowledge  to  make  accurate  judgements   on  the  job.   INDIVIDUAL  CHARACTERISTICS  AND  GROUP  MECHANISMS            Personality,  Cultural  Values,  and  Ability  |  Teams,  Diversity,  and  Communication   Power,  Influence,  and  Negotiation  |  Leadership  Styles  and  Behaviour   • It  is  important  to  understand  what  factors  improve  those  individual   mechanisms.   • The  integrative  model  also  acknowledges  that
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