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Chapter 4Values Attitudes and Work Behaviours02102012What are valuesA broad tendency to prefer certain states of affairs over othersValues have to do with what we consider good and badValues are motivational and very generalPeople tend to hold values structured around such factors as achievementpower autonomy conformity tradition and social welfareFour Generations in Todays Workplace chart displayed refer to textGenerational Differences in Values continuedGenerational differences in work values or the way values are expressed is important because a good fit between a persons values and those of the organizationCultural Differences in ValuesThere are basic differences in workrelated values across culturesA lack of understanding of crosscultural differences can cause foreign assignments to terminate early and business negotiations to failHofstedes StudyGeert Hofstede questioned over 116000 IBM employees in 40 countries about their worldrelated valuesHe discovered four basic dimensions along which work related values differed across culturesPower distanceUncertainty avoidance
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