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Chapter 1 I What Are OrganizationsA Social Inventions Organizations are social inventions for accomplishing common goals through group effort Their essential characteristic is the coordinated presence of people not necessarily things Of primary interest is understanding people and managing them to work effectively B Goal Accomplishment Individuals are assembled into organizations for a reason In the private sector some organizations have goals like selling cars delivering news or winning hockey games In the nonprofit and public sectors organizations may have goals such as saving souls promoting the arts helping the needy or educating people Virtually all organizations have survival as a goal C Group Effort To achieve their goals organizations are staffed with people who operate together in a coordinated fashion At times individuals can accomplish much But by combining greater resources and wealth with effective teamwork organizations have become the dominant producing agents in the world The field of organizational behaviour is concerned with how to get people to practice effective teamwork II What Is Organizational BehaviourOrganizational behaviour refers to the attitudes and behaviours of individuals and groups in organizations The field of organizational behaviour involves the systematic study of these attitudes and behaviours and should be of interest to all students of management III Why Study Organizational BehaviourThere are at least three reasons why organizational behaviour is worth studying A Organizational Behaviour is Interesting Organizational behaviour is interesting because it is about people and human nature You should be interested in this field because you will find that the behaviour of people in an organizational setting is fascinating B Organizational Behaviour is Important Aside from being interesting organizational behaviour is also important since most of us are members of organizations As well what happens in organizations often has a profound impact on people Knowledge of organizational behaviour will help to make us more effective in a variety of roles such as managers employees or consumers
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