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OB Chapter 2 Job PerformanceJob performanceBehaviourResultsJob performance resultsBehaviours fit into three categories1Task Performance contributes positively2Citizenship Behaviour contributes positively3Counterproductive Behaviour contributes negativelyTask PerformanceEmployee behaviours that are directly involved in the transformation of organizational resources into goods or services that the organization producesThree typesRoutine task performance Wellknown or habitual responses by employees to predictable task demandsAdaptive task performance Thoughtful responses by an employee to unique or unusual task demandsCreative task performance Ideal or physical outcomes that are both novel and usefulJob Analysis A process by which an organization determines requirements of specific jobsThree steps to conduct a job analysis1A list of all the activities involved in a job is generated Ex data from different sources observations surveys and interviews of employees2Each activity on the list is rated by subject matter experts according to things like the importance and frequency of the activity Ex Managers working with employees would be the expert3The activities that are rated highly in terms of their importance and frequency are retained and used to define task performance Those retained behaviours often find their way into the measures that managers use to evaluate the task performance of employeesNational Occupational Classification NOC A national database of occupations in Canada organizing over 30000 job titles into 520 occupational group descriptions Represents only a first step in figuring out the important tasks for a given job
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