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Chapter 2

ADM2336 - Chapter 2 Personality and Learning

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Magda Donia

ADM2336AChapter 2 Personality and Learning September1211 830 AM PersonalityThe relatively stable set oh psychological characteristics that influence the way an individual interacts with his or her environment and how he or she feels thinks and behavesPersonality has a long history in organizational behaviourThis has led to three approaches Dispositional Individual dispositions and personality individuals are predisposed to behave in certain waysSituational characteristics of the organizational setting such as rewards and punishment influence peoples feelings attitudes and behaviourInteractionist Between situation and peoples disposition to predict and understand OB one must know something about an individuals personality and the setting in which he or she worksPersonality and the SituationSituations can be described as being either weak or strongIn weak situations roles are loosely defined there are few rules and weak reinforcement and punishment contingenciesPersonality has the strongest effect in weak situations ex A newly formed volunteer community organization Implications of the Interactionist Approach Some personality characteristics are useful in certain organizational situations The five factor model of personalityexhibit 21p42 Big Five and Organizational BehaviourExtraversion jobs that require interpersonal interaction ex Managers and sales peopleEmotional stability neuroticism will have more effective interactions with coworkers and customers Most related to job satisfactionAgreeableness jobs that require interaction and involve helping cooperating and nurturing others also jobs with teamwork and cooperationConscientiousness performance on most jobs dues to hard work and achievement MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR related to work motivationretention and attendance at workOpenness to experience jobs that involve learning and creativitynot related to job satisfactionInternal and external locus of controlexhibit 22p 45A set of beliefs about whether ones behaviour is controlled mainly by internal or external forces There are other specific dimensionpeople who determine outcomes internally free will personal actions or externally luck fate locus of control Selfmonitoring
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