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Chapter 4

ADM2336 - Chapter 4 Values, Attitudes, and Work Behaviour

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Magda Donia

ADM2336AChapter 4 Values Attitudes and Work Behaviour September2211 1000 AM Do you think accepting bribery is wrongsituational yWhat about stealingSituational robin hood stole from the rich to give to the poory Bribery and stealing are concepts of right and wrong They seem very straight forward However simple topics can have very different meanings Difference in value can help determine the confusion What are Values A broad tendency to prefer a certain state of affairs over others ex Political different yoccupations etcValues are very general and dont tell too much about how a person will behave in a certain ysituationA broad tendency to prefer certain states of affairs over other They are very general and do not ytell about a persons behaviour Yet we dont know enough about the person still Do values vary by culture Values Across Cultures Work centrality how much of a role does work play in your life Low high work centralityyHofstedes values Dutch social scientist surveyed over 116 000 IBM employees located in 40 ycountries about their workrelated values Power distance the extent to which an unequal distribution of power is accepted by society ymembersUncertainty avoidance the extent to which people are uncomfortable with uncertain and yambiguous situationsMasculinity Femininity masculine cultures clearly differentiate gender roles support the ydominance of men and stress economic performance Feminine cultures accept fluid gender roles stress sexual equality and stress quality of lifeIndividualism collectivism Tends to be studied a lot Explains a lot of differences in cross ycultural researchIndividualistic societies stress independence individual initiative and privacy yCollective cultures favour interdependence and loyalty to family or clanycultures with longterm orientation stress persistence Long short term orientation yperseverance thrift and close attention to status differences cultures with shortterm orientation stress personal steadiness and stability facesaving and social nicetiesHofstedes Value identifying key values in which cultures differ Comparing peoples value in ydifferent countries but the same organizations Individualism vs Collectivism Implications of Cultural Variation most of these theories are created in North America different people are Exporting OB theoriesymotivated by different things in different countries question the application of theory in other countries Most are developed in North America and by North Americans Underlying values of the
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