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Chapter 5

ADM2336 - Chapter 5 Theories of Work Motivation

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Magda Donia

ADM2336AChapter 5 Theories of Work Motivation September2911 1000 AM What is Motivation The extent to which persistent effort is directed toward a goal y The basic characteristics of motivationyo Efforto Persistence o Direction o GoalsYoure in the situation to achieve a goaly You are persistent and directed toward your goalsyTwo broad types of motivationsy o Intrinsic motivation motivation that stems from the direct relationship between the worker Doing the task because of the sake of the task You and the task and is usually selfapplied really enjoy doing what you doExamples include yFeelings of achievement accomplishment challenge and competence derived from performing ones job and the sheer interest in the job itself o Extrinsic motivation motivation that stems from the work environment external to the task itself It is usually applied by others Motivation that is external and applied from other Examples include yPay fringe benefits company policies and various forms of supervision Extrinsic vs intrinsic motivatorsSome evidence that the availability of extrinsic motivators can reduce the intrinsic motivation ystemming from the task itself This appears to occur under very limited conditions and is easily avoidable yBoth kinds of rewards are important and compatible in enhancing work motivationyWhen you introduce an external motivation that already has intrinsic value they change it into yextrinsic Examplekids being talented this is managed by parents to provide external rewards This can be avoided You can reward them but do not make it contingent on performance but you can reward them thoughIn research this only occurs in limited situations and can be avoided dont make it contingent on the performanceSome researchers have argues that intrinsic and extrinsic motivation are incompatible By this they mean that extrinsic rewards make you increase extrinsic motivationI think thats what it isFactors Contributing to individual job performance You might be very motivated but if you dont understand what you have to do it wont translate to higher performance Performance the extent to which an organizational member contributes to achieving the objectives of the organization General cognitive ability the persons basic information processing capabilities and cognitive resources
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