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Chapter 1&2

HRM Textbook Part 1 (chapters 1&2)

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Catherine Elliott

Part 1: Chapters 1 & 2 Framework for human resources management: Competitive Challenges: 1. Responding to Marketplace changes a. HR managers & business strategy: i. Six Sigma: core ideas include understanding customer needs, doing things right, and striving for continuous improvement ii. Reengineering: rethinking and redesign of business processes to improve cost, quality, service, & speed iii. Downsizing iv. Outsourcing v. Change Management: at an individual level vi. Reactive change: occurs after external forces have already affected performance vii. Proactive change: initiated to take advantage of targeted opportunities 2. Competing, Recruiting, and staffing globally: i. Globalization: opening up foreign markets to international trade and investments 3. Setting/Achieving corporate social responsibility and sustainability Goals: ii. Corporate social responsibility: act in the best interests of the people and communities affected by its activities 4. Advancing HRM with technology: iii. Collaborative Software: allows workers to interface and share info electronically iv. Knowledge workers: workers responsibilities that extend past physical execution, & include planning, decision making, and problem solving v. Resources information system (HRIS): computer system that provides current and accurate data for purposes of control and decision making 5. Containing Costs while retaining top talent and maximizing productivity i. Downsizing ii. Furloughing: Org asks or requires employees to take time off for either no pay or reduced pay iii. Outsourcing iv. Off shoring: Sending jobs to other countries v. Near shoring: moving jobs closer to ones country vi. Employee leasing vii. Productivity enhancements 6. Responding to the demographic and diversity challenges of the workforce i. Demographic changes ii. The diversity/immigration challenge iii. Age distribution of employees iv. Gender Distribution of the workforce 7. Adapting to educational and cultural shifts affecting the workforce i. Educating the workforce ii. Cultural changes iii. Employee rights iv. Concern for privacy v. The changing nature of the job vi. Changing attitudes towards work vii. Balancing work/family The Partnership of line managers and HR departments Line Managers: Non-HR managers who are responsible for overseeing the work of other employees • Responsibility of the HR manager: o Advice and counsel to employees o Service: recruiting, electing, testing, planning, and conducting training programs o Policy formulation and implementation o Employee advocacy: listening to their concerns and representing their needs to managers • Competencies of the HR manager: o Business mastery: understanding the economic and financial capabilities of the org o HR mastery o Change Mastery: able to change processes (interpersonal and problem solving skills) o Personal Credibility: in the eyes of their customers Human Resources: b. Planning c. Recruiting d. Staffing e. Job design Employee Concerns f. Job security g. Healthcare h. Retirement issues Chapter 2: Strategy and HR Planning • Strategic Planning: Procedures for making decisions about the org’s long term goals and strategies • HR planning (HRP): process of anticipating and providing for the movement of people into, within, and out of an org • Strategic HRM ( SHRM): deployments and activities that enable an org to achieve its strategic goals Strategic Planning Steps: 1. Mission, Vision, and Values: • Mission: basic purpose of the org as well as its scope of operations • Vision: statement about where the company is going an
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