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Chapter 8

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ADM 2337 Chapter 8 March 11 2012Orienting EmployeesA wellplanned orientation program aka onboarding can lead to reductions in turnover increased morale fewer instances of corrective discipline and fewer employee grievancesWhy we use Orientation ProgramsEmployee orientation onboarding is a way of giving our new employees basic background information about the company and the joboThis gives the new employees the information they need to perform their jobs well and some of the expectations we have for the employeeoIts basically an investment in talent retention Socialization is the ongoing process of instilling in all of our employees the attitudes standards and values that exist in our companyoIf we onboard well enough we can speed up the socialization process and the new employee will be fully productive soonerGood orientation program are important because they can help us get rid of the reality shock new employees will probably faceoReality shock is the state that results in a new employee when there is a discrepancy between what the employee expects from the job and the realities of the jobDifferent Orientation Tools we can useSometimes companies use a handbook that covers things like company history the current mission the amount of hours an employee will work vacation information technology use etcoSome courts say that the handbook is like a contract between the employer and employee so all the information should be exact and not ambiguous because the company can be held accountable for what the handbook saysA company might bring in the employee to take a tour of the company facilities and introduce the employee to coworkers and hisher supervisor Sometimes we have some special situations when we need to orientDiverse WorkforceA lot of organizations have really diverse workforces now Because of this the values of the organization may be new to these new workers especially if they werent part of their pas experience New employees should be given tips on how to deal with the struggles they may
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