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Chapter 14

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ADM 2337Chapter 14 Health and SafetyStrategic Importance of Occupational Health and SafetyoService provided to clients and customers is a function of how employees are treatedoRemember the employees health safety and wellness determines if the employees feel they are treated well and fair by our company Basic Facts about Occupational Health and Safety LegislationoOccupational health and safety legislation are laws in place to protect the health and safety of workers by minimizing workrelated accidents and illnessesoPurposeWe have 3 basic categories general health and safety rules rules for specific industries mining and rules related to specific hazards like asbestosResponsibilities and Rights of Employers and EmployeesoWe as employers have to follow due diligence requirements We are responsible for taking every reasonable precaution to make sure our employees are healthy and safeoThis involves usoFilling government accident reportsoMaintaining recordsoEnsuring that safety rules are enforcedoPosting safety notices and legislative informationoEmployees are responsible for taking reasonable care to protect their own health and safety and that of their coworkers oSpecific requirements including wearing protective clothing and equipment and reporting any contravention of the law or regulationsoEmployees have three basic rights under the joint responsibility model1The right to know about workplace safety hazards2The right to participate in the occupational health and safety process3The right to refuse unsafe work if they have reasonable cause to believe that the work is dangerousoReasonable cause we have reasonable cause when a complaint about a workplace hazard has not been resolved or the safety problem we are worried about puts us in immediate danger Joint Health and Safety CommitteesoThe joint committees are in place provide a nonadversarial atmosphere where management and labour work together to provide safe and healthy workplaceIn most jurisdictions its mandatory and the safety committee consist of 10 or 20oThe committee is generally responsible for making regular inspections of the workplace in order to identify potential health and safety hazards evaluate the hazards how can the hazard be prevented and find solutions oHealth and safety committees are also responsible for investigating employee complaints accident investigation development and promotion of measures to protect health and safety and giving information about health and safety lawsEnforcement of Occupational Health and Safety LawsoOccupational health and safety law are what make government inspectors periodically carry out safety inspections of workplaces We always have to be prepared because health and safety inspectors have the power
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