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Chapter 7

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ADM 2337Chapter 7SelectionSelection is the process of choosing among individuals who have been recruited to fill existing or projected job openings Begins when a pool of applicants has submitted their resumes or completed application forms as a result of the recruiting processImportant becauseoQuality of human resources determines organizational performanceoHigh cost of inappropriate selection decisionsoSignificant legal implicationsGuidelines for Selection1Ensure that all selection criteria and strategies are based on the job description and the job specificationTo avoid human rights complaints2Assess the applicants ability to meet performance standards or expectations3Carefully scrutinize all info supplied on the application form and rsum4Obtain written authorization for reference checks 5Save all records and info obtained about the applicant 6Reject applicants who make false statements on their application forms or resume Supply ChallengesLabour shortage results in small selection of available applicants Selection RatioThe ratio of the number of applicants hired to the total number of applicants oNumber of Applicants Hired Total ApplicantsSelection ratioSteps in the Hiring ProcessStep 1 Preliminary Applicant ScreeningInitial applicant screening is performed by HR Review application forms and resumesCandidates not meeting essential selection criteria are eliminated firstCandidates who most closely match the remaining job specifications are given further consideration Use of technologyincreasingly popular to improve the initial screening process Step 2 Selection TestingSuch tests are only useful if they provide reliable and valid measures Assess specific jobrelated skills general intelligence personality characteristics mental abilities interests and preferencesProvide efficient standardized procedures for screening large numbers of applicantsOnly useful if they are reliable and valid
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