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Chapter 9

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ADM 2337 Career Planning Chapter 9Career Planning and DevelopmentThe talent shortage we face because of the baby boomers retiring has created some urgency regarding the development of careers for the next generation of managers and executives needed to take responsibility for strategic leadershipoThis is why career planning and development is so important nowCareer planning and development is the process through which a person becomes aware of personal careerrelated attributes and the lifelong series of activities that contribute to hisher success oThese programs are important because they help us maintain employee commitment when we help them plan their career the employees will know that we are committed to them and the employee will be more likely to identify himselfherself with the companyoWe need to provide employees with developmental activities like providing education and training so that they can acquire the skills and resources needed to reach their career potential oThese activities are really important to young employees todayWhat are some different careerrelated termsWhen we talk about a career what we are referring to is a series of workrelated positions paid or unpaid that help a person build their job skills and reach their potentialCareer development however is the lifelong serious of activities like workshops that contribute to a persons career exploration establishment success and fulfillment Career planning is the process through which a person maps out and becomes aware of their personal skills interest knowledge motivations and such What are some of the different Roles in Career DevelopmentRemember we can do whatever we want to help plan a career but at the end its the individual who must accept responsibility for his or her own careeroThe individual needs to have an entrepreneurial goaloriented approachoThey require selfmotivation independence effective time and moneymanagementNetworking is becoming more important its even defined as the foundation of active career management oWe need to access other people people are the most valuable career resourceoNetworking involves meeting with colleagues contacts etc oNetworking doesnt involve asking for a job its more for exchanging information so we can get advice and possibly referrals
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