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Chapter 4 Social Legal and Ethical Issues in the Digital Firm Understanding Ethical and Social Issues Related to Systems Ethics refers to the principles of right and wrong individuals acting as free moral agents use to make choices to guide their behaviours Information systems raise new ethical questions for both individuals and societies because they create opportunities for intense social change and this threaten existing distributions of power money rights and obligations A Model for Thinking about Ethical Social and Political IssuesThe ethical dilemma faced as a manager of information systems typically is reflected in social and political debate Five Moral Dimensions of the Information Age The major ethical social and political issues raised by information systems include the following moral dimensionsInformation rights and obligationsProperty rights and obligationsAccountability and control System quality Quality of Life Key Technology Trends That Raise Ethical Issues Information technology has heightened ethical concerns taxed existing social arrangements and made some laws obsolete or severely crippled4 Key Technological trends Responsible for these ethical stresses Look at TABLE 42 Pg 109Profiling the use of computers to combine data from multiple sources and create electronic dossiers of detailed information on individualsNonobvious relationship awareness NORA can take information about records customer listing and wanted lists and correlate relationships to find obscure hidden connection that might help identify criminals or terroristsNORA technology scans data and extracts information as the data are being generatedLOOK AT FIG 42 pg 111
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