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Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 IT Infrastructure and Emerging Technologies IT Infrastructure The Computer Systems Central Processing unit manipulates data into a more useful form and controls the other parts of the computer systemPrimary Storage temporarily stores data and program instructions Secondary storage devices store data and programs even when the computer is not turned onInput Devices convert data and instructions into electronic form for input into the computerOutput devices convert electronic data produced by the computer system and display them in a form that people can understandCommunications devices provide connections between the computer and communications networks Bit binary digit that represents either 0 or 1Digital computers operate directly with binary digits either singly or strung together to form bytes Byte a string of 8 bits that the computer stores as a unit Each byte can be used to store a decimal number a symbol a character or part of a pictureThe CPU and Primary Storage oCPU is the part of the computer system where the manipulation of symbols numbers and characters occurs and it controls the other parts of the computer system oLocated near the CPU is the primary storage sometimes called primary or main memory where program instructions are stored temporarily during processing while the computer is on oPrimary storage has 3 functions
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