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Chapter 15 Managing KnowledgeKnowledge Management Landscape Knowledge management systems support the creation capture storage and dissemination of firm expertise and knowledge have become one of the fastestgrowing areas of corporate and government software investmentToday we live in a knowledge society in which social economic and political changes are taking place as countries move from the industrial to what have been called the postindustrial ageImportant Dimensions of Knowledge To transform information into knowledge a firm must expend additional resources to discover patterns rules and context where the knowledge works Wisdomis thought to be the collective and individual experience of applying knowledge to the solution of problems Wisdom involves where when and how to apply knowledge Tacit knowledge undocumented knowledge residing in minds of employees Explicit knowledge knowledge that has been documented LOOK AT TABLE 151Pg 503Organizational learning the process of change Arguably organizations that can sense and respond to their environment rapidly will survive longer than organizations that have poor leaning mechanisms The Knowledge Management Value ChainKnowledge management the set of business processes developed in an organization to create store transfer and apply knowledgeKnowledge management increases the ability of the organization to learn from its environment and to incorporate knowledge into its business processes LOOK AT FIG 151 Pg502Knowledge Information Systems Activities AcquireoKnowledge discovery oData miningoNeutral networks
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