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Chapter 12

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Chapter 12Enterprise ApplicationsWhat are Enterprise SystemsEnterprise systems enterprise resource planning ERP planning based on a suite of integrated software modules and a common central database Database collects data from many different divisions examples finance and accounting marketing and sales etcWhen new info is entered by one processavailable to other business processEnterprise softwareEnterprise software developed around thousands of predefined business processes that reflect best practicesBest practices most successful solutions or problemsolving methods in an industry for consistently and effectively achieving a business objectiveBusiness Value of Enterprise Systemsenterprise systems provide value both by increasing operational efficiency and providing firmwide info to help make better decisionsRespond rapidly to customer requests for info or productsEnterprise software includes analytical tools common standard definitions and formats and which products are most profitableSupply Chain Management SystemsSupply chain is a network of org and business process for procuring raw materials transforming these materials into intermediate and finished products and than distributes them to customerslinks suppliers manufacturing plants distribution centers retail outletsUpstream portion of supply chain includes the companys suppliers the suppliers suppliers and the processes for managing relationship with themDownstream portion demand chain consists of the org and process for distributing and delivering products to final customers
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