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Chapter1IntrotoConsumerBehaviorConsumerBehaviourasaProcessConsumer behaviour is the study of the process of consumers selecting purchasing using and disposing of products services ideas and experiences to satisfy a need or desires3 stages involve consumer or marketer perspectivesoPrepurchaseConsumer How to decide if she needs a product and where to get information about alternativesMarketer How consumer attitudes towards product are formed and changed and what cues are used to identify a superior product oDuring PurchaseConsumer Is the purchase experience smooth or stressfulMarketer how do situational factors such as displays and time pressure affect the purchase decisionoPost purchaseConsumer Does product satisfy needdesire or perform intended function How is the product disposed of What is the environmental impactMarketer what determines customer satisfaction repurchase decisions and customer talking about experiences advertising via word of mouthMany different participants in the processoPayerperson who purchases productmaximizes buying poweroConsumerperson who uses productdelivery of social benefitsoInfluencerperson who recommendsdiscourages against it organizes individual decisionsoBuyerperson who identifies the needwantoEXWeddings Often influencer is other familyplanner consumer is bride payer is father of bride buyer is mother of bride showed clips from film father of the brideInvolves focusing on consumer their beliefs thoughts and emotions and meanings and symbols in order for organizations to develop a competitive advantage
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