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Chapter 1

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CHAPTER 1 THE STRATEGIC ROLE OF HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENTRequired Professional Capabilities RPC PICTUREThe Strategic Role of HRMHuman Resources Management HRM The management of people in organizations to drive successful organizational performance and achievement of the organizations strategic goalsHuman Capital The knowledge education training skills and expertise of an organizations workforceGoals 1 Efficiency and Productivity 2 Compliance with legal requirements and 3 Fairness to all employeesHR Strategy Intentional plans or use of people to accomplish organizational goalsHR Tactic A particular HR policy or program used to achievement a specific goalImpact of HRM PICTURE NO TITLEHuman Resource Management Responsibilities COMPARISON PICTURE IN TABLE 11Operational Administrative Responsibilities Hire and maintain employees and then manage employee separationsHumanCapital Life Cycle 1 Selection and assimilation into the firm 2 Development of capabilities while working in the firm 3 Transition out of the firmHR Departments Staffing Services Analyze and design jobs Select and recruit employee Orient and train employees Manage performance Manage compensation and reward Manage Employee and labor relations Form HR policies and Legal complianceSupervisors Tasks Help define jobs Forecast HR needs Interview and select candidates Train coach and develop employees Appraise performance Recommend pay increase and promotion Communicate policies and compl
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