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Chapter 1

ADM2337 - Chapter 1 The strategic role of human resource management

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Catherine Elliott

ADM2337PCh 1 The Strategic Role of Human Resource Management January1012 1130 AM Human Resources Management HRMManaging human capital knowledge education training skills expertise to achieve yorganizational goalsHRM ResponsibilitiesAnalysis and design of work y Planningy Recruitment Selection y Orientation Training and developmentyPerformance Appraisal and Discipline y Compensation and benefitsyCounselingyEmployee relationsy o Regulatory compliance o Health and Safety o Outplacement services Question HRM why strategic Elements of HRMs Strategic RoleEnvironmentyStrategic position strategic planySWOTyHR and other functionsyperformancey Linking CompanyWide and HR Strategies Figure 11 HRM Responsibilities Operational HR professionals hire and maintain employees and then manage employee yseparations o These services include Analyzing jobsyPlanning future workforce requirementsySelecting employeesyOrienting and training employeesyManaging compensation and reward plansyCommunication with employees including counselling and discipliningy o Outsourcing The practice of contracting with outside vendors to handle specified functions on a permanent basisStrategic companys plan for how it will balance its internal strengths and weaknesses with yexternal opportunities and threats in order to maintain a competitive advantage
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