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Chapter 2

ADM2337 - Chapter 2 The changing legal emphasis

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University of Ottawa
Catherine Elliott

ADM2337PCh 2 The Changing Legal Emphasis From Compliance to Valuing Diversity January1312 100 PM Importance of understanding the legal environmentLimiting potential liability y Underlining shared responsibilityyDoing the right thingyMultiple Legal Jurisdictions for EmploymentLabour LawProvincialterritorial employment laves govern 90 of Canadian workers y Ferderal laws govern 10 of workersthe federal civil service Crown corporations and agencies ytransportation banking and communicationsLegal Framework for Employment Law in CanadaConstitutional lawy o Charter of rights and freedoms Legislated acts of parliamenty o Laws that regulate some areas of HR o Eg Income tax act occupational health and safety actsRegulations for legislated actsy o Rules to aid in the interpretation of lawsregulatory bodies such as the human rights commissions Common lawy o Judicial precedentsContract lawy o Collective agreementsemployment contracts Multiple Legal Jurisdictions for Employment Labour LawProvincialterritorial employment laws govern 90 of Canadian workersyFederal laws govern 10 of workers in federal civil service Crown corporations and agencies ytransportation banking and communications Employment Labour Standards Legislation Establish minimum employee entitlement pertaining to wages paid holidays and vacation ymaternity parenting and adoption leaves bereavement and compassionate care leave termination notice and overtime paySet limit on max number of work hours permitted per day or week yPrinciple of equal pay for equal work y o Cannot pay male and female workers differently if performing the same work Legislation Protecting Human Rights Charter of rights and freedoms 1982 y o Guarantees fundamental freedoms to all Canadians o Section 15 guarantees the right to
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