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ADM2337Chapter 2The Changing Legal Emphasis From Compliance to Valuing DiversityImportance of Understanding the Legal Environment Limited potential liabilityo Employers dont want any lawsuits against them because of actions they have takenDoing the right thingUnderlining shared responsibility Multiple Legal Jurisdictions for EmploymentLabour LawProvincialterritorial employment laws govern 90 of Canadian workersFederal laws govern 10 of workers the federal civil Crown corporations and agencies transportation via Rail banking and communications Legal Framework for Employment law in CanadaConstitutional law from the Constitution act o Charter of Rights and FreedomsLegislated Acts of Parliament o Laws that regulate some areas of HR o Example Income Tax Act Occupational HealthSafety ActsRegulations for legislate acts o Rules to aid in the interpretation of lawsRegulatory bodies such as the Human Rights CommissionsCommon Law o Judicial precedents they dont go through the parliament they come from the courtsContract law o Collective agreementsemployment contractMajor Forms of Employment LegislationEmployment Labour Standards Legislation o Establish minimum employee entitlements pertaining to WagesPaid Holidays and VacationMaternityParenting and adoption leavesBereavement and compassionate care leaveTermination noticeOvertime pay o Set limit on maximum number of work hours permitted per day or weeko Principle of equal pay for equal work
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