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Chapter 5

ADM 2372 - Chapter 5 Notes - Operations and Supply Chain Management.docx

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thADM 2372Management Information SystemsFebruary 10 2012 Chapter 5 Operations and Supply Chain ManagementSection 51Operations ManagementProduction The creation of goods and services using the factors of production land labour capital entrepreneurship and knowledge Operations Management FundamentalsProductions Management Describes all the activities managers do to help companies create goodsOperations Management The management of systems or processes that convert or transform resources including human resources into goods and servicesTransformation Process Often referred to as the technical core especially in manufacturing organizations and is the actual conversion of inputs to outputsoTo ensure that the desired outputs are obtained an organization takes measurements at various points in the transformation process feedback and then compares them with previously established standards to determine whether corrective action control is neededValueAdded The term used to describe the difference between the cost of inputs and value of price of outputsOM in Business1Forecasting Estimating demand growth or reduction2Capacity Planning Key essential metric to maintain cash flow and increase revenues3Scheduling4Managing Inventory5Assuring Quality Reduce unexpected issues and put emphasis on efficiency and courtesy6MotivatingTraining Employees7Locating Facilities Where to host maintenance facilities majorminor hubsInformation Systems Role in OMKey Questions What When Where How and WhoHierarchy of Operational Planning
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