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Chapter 4

ADM 2372 - Chapter 4 Notes - Enterprise Computing Trends and Enterprise Resource Planning.docx

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thADM 2372Management Information SystemsFebruary 9 2012Chapter 4 Enterprise Computing Trends and Enterprise Resource PlanningSection 42Enterprise Resource PlanningIntegrates all departments and functions throughout an organization into a single IT System so that employees can make enterprise wide decisions by viewing enterprisewide information on all business operations Reasons ERP Systems are Powerful Organizational Tools1ERP is a logical solution to the mess of incompatible applications that had sprung up in most businesses 2ERP addresses the need for global information sharing and reporting3ERP is used to avoid the pain and expense of fixing legacy systemsEnterprise Resource PlanningThe Heart of ERP At the heart of ERP systems is a database when a user enters or updates information in one module it is immediately and automatically updated throughout the entire system oCentral database that collects data from and feeds data into all the ERP systems individual application components called modules supporting diverse business functions such as accounting manufacturing marketing and HR oERP enables employees across the organization to share d
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