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Mirou Jaana

ADM2372 NChapter 1Every function within an organization will need Information Systems ISIf you come across IT articles online about iPhones and iPads You you will choose to read certain ones to read If you understand what they are saying If there is a lot of jargon specific to IT you wont retain anything you are reading so you give up Which business functions receive the most benefits from Information TechnologyCustomer Service Finance Sales and Marketing IT Operations Operations Management Human Resources Security Information Technology Project GoalsReduce CostImprove Productivity o The goal of IT has evolved over time we want to reduce cost and improve productivity overall Improve Customer SatisfactionLoyaltyCreate Competitive AdvantageGenerate GrowthStreamline Supply ChainGlobal Expansion Information SystemsAny computerbased tool that people use to work with information and that supports the information and informationprocessing needs of an organizationAn information system can be an important enabler of business success and innovation Enabler If its present it facilitates the success of the business but it doesnt mean that if it is in place it will assure the success of the business It depends how you are managing and implementing the system DataRaw numbers without contextual meaning that make no sense on their own InformationProcessed raw numbers processed data KnowledgeDescribe the relationship betweenPeopleInformationInformation Technology
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