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Chapter 3

CH3, Services Marketing, 1st Canadian Edition

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University of Ottawa
Michael Guolla

Search Experience and Credence Properties Search Experience Credence Pre Purchaseconsumption After Purchase Difficult to evaluate despiteduring consumption purchase and consumption Colour Taste Ex are medical and mechanical Style Wearability most receiving the goodservicePriceare not expert enough to judge Fitthe quality HardnessConsumer may be unaware ofsmellwhether offerings satisfy given wants or needs even at end of experience Goods Services Super Service Consumer Choice Need Recognition Think of Maslows Hierarchy of needs Services fulfill all these needs Services become more important for higher level social ego self actualization Information search Personal Sources are used more for services than goods Friends or experts can easily communicate experience qualities Non personal is often not readily available Local and professional industries are unlikely to advertise Can assess few attributes before purchase internet has allowed for more nonpersonal information via photos reviews virtual tours chat rooms forumsThis is all quite tangible Services are intangible variable and perishable causing a higher perceived risk in purchase Risk can be financial time performance social psychological Evaluation of Service Alternatives Amount of alternatives available is generally smaller with services than with goods Each service has different attributes and qualities only one or two brands per location It can be difficult to find adequate prepurchase information Internet widens alternatives removes geographic limits which are generally 3 per area Self provision is also an acceptable alternativerare for goods Service Purchase Much is unknown at point of purchase This makes trials tours and guarantees popular Consumer Experience Services are high in experience and credence Experience is critical in evaluation and decision to repurchase later
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