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Chapter 10

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ADM 3326Chapter 10 Media Planning and BudgetingMedia PlanningThe purpose of the media plan is to identify and justify the decisions that will deliver the message to the target audience cost efficiently and will communicate the product brand andor service message effectively Media planning is the series of decisions involved in delivering the promotional message to prospective purchasers andor users of the product or brand One primary decision is the type of media selected oOptions include mass media such as television newspapers radio and magazines as well as outofthehome media like outdoor and transit advertising The media planning process becomes even tougher when the manager has to choose between alternatives within the same medium like differing TV stations or magazine titles Our focus when planning media is to find the best way to deliver the messageoThe plan usually has a short section containing media objectives and explanation of the media strategy decisions and finetuning details that are known as media execution or media tactics Media Plan The media plan documents the decisions for finding the best way to get the advertisers message to the market Basically the goal of the media plan is to find the combination of media that enables the marketer to communicate the message in the most effective way to the largest number of the target audience at the lowest cost Media ObjectivesMedia objectives are derived from and are designed to lead to the attainment of communication and behavioural objectives and contribute to achieving marketing objectives Media objectives are the goals for the media program and should be limited to those that can be accomplished through media strategies Here we pair them with three communication and two behaviour objectivesoCategory NeedSelect media to sufficiently demonstrate how the target audience required the product categoryADM 3326Chapter 10 Media Planning and BudgetingProvide sufficient number of exposures to ensure 80 of target audience understands the need for the product categoryoBrand AwarenessSelect media to provide coverage of 80 of the target audience over a sixmonth period Provide sufficient number of exposures to ensure 60 target audience brand recognition Concrete advertising during target audiences peak purchasing time oBrand AttitudeSelect media to ensure that 40 of the target audiences have favorable beliefs regarding the brands benefits and have positive emotions associated with the brand oBrand Trial Select media to allow immediate purchase of brandoBrand Repeat PurchaseSelect media to remind target audience of brand purchase Provide sufficient advertising throughout the year to minimize target audience switching The content and exact number of media objectives is at the promo planners discretion The media objectives give direction for the media strategy and tactics decisions Media StrategyPrimary media decisions are regarding the mediums usedThe medium is the general category of available delivery systems which includes broadcast media TV and radio print media newspaper and magazine direct marketing and other support media After or during this evaluation the media planner will consider the relative strengths and limitations of broad media class options When making the media strategy decisions the media planner usually considers the strategic effects of the decisions oHe or she will look at three main things reach coverage and frequency Reach is a measure of the number of different audience members exposed at least once to a media vehicle in a given period of time
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