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Chapter 13

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ADM 3326 Chapter 13 Outdoor MediaIntroductionOutofhome media is very persistent since it delivers advertising messages that we experience while moving throughout our town or city while accomplishing our daytoday activities There are three broad categories of outofhome media outdoors transit and placebased Outdoor mediaPosters describe the typical billboard which can be various sizesoThese displays are front lit for visibility at night and are located in areas with high vehicle traffic Backlit posters are like regular posters except backlit oThe light makes them easy to see Larger billboards known as bulletins superboards or spectaculars are larger displays and have a variety of sizes Smaller backlit displays known as streetlevel posters and measuring about 2m by 1m are available across the country and are also posted in transit shelters A number of firms offer mobile signage by placing displays on trucks or vehicles oThese are sold by the number of vehicles and the number of months Audience MeasurementCOMB The Canadian OutofHome Measurement Bureau COMB conducts audience measures to determine the amount of reach and frequency or outdoor media oCOMB acts as an auditor to ensure an authentic media purchase and produces specific reports as documentation OMAC The outofhome marketing association of Canada OMAC formed in 005 is a membership among five founding media companiesoOMACs mission is to develop the market for this medium implement new industry initiatives establish guidelines and act on behalf of the industry on any issuesStrengths of Outdoor MediaReachWith proper placement a broad base of exposure is possible in a given market with both day and night presence FrequencyBecause purchase cycles for outdoor media are typically for 4week periods consumers are usually exposed to the media a number of times Geographic CoverageOutdoor media can be placed along highways near stores or on mobile billboards almost anywhere that the law permits
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