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Chapter 12

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ADM 3326 Chapter 12 Print mediaIntroductionPrint media are not intrusive like radio and TV and generally require some effort on the part of the reader for the advertising message to have an impactoFor this reason magazines and newspapers are seen as highinvolvement media Evaluation of MagazinesMagazines are the most specialized of all advertising media Canadian magazines face competition from foreign publications particularly American consumer magazines that account for about 90 of newsstand sales While some magazines are general massappeal publications most are targeted to specific audiences Classifications of MagazinesCanadian advertising rates and data CARD is the primary reference source on periodicals for media plannersCARD divides magazines into four broad categories based on the audience to which they are directed consumer ethnic farm and business publications 1Consumer MagazinesConsumer magazines are bought by the general public for info andor entertainment CARD divides over 800 domestic consumer magazines into 48 classifications among them general interest womens citregional entertainment and sports Consumer mag advertising is best suites for marketers interested in reaching general consumers of products and services as well as companies trying to reach a specific target audience 2Ethnic PublicationsCARD currently lists 208 mags directed to persons with various backgrounds based on ethnicity Most of these publications do not have an authenticated circulation thus the cost of advertising in these publications is relatively low 3Farm PublicationsThis category consists of all the magazines directed to farmers and their families A number of farm publications are directed at farmers in specific provinces or regions such as Alberta Meat4Business Publications Business publications are those magazines or trade journals published for specific businesses industries or occupations oMags like Canadian Lawyer Canadian Architect
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