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Chapter 1-8

Advertising Promotion Chapter Summaries Chapter 1-8

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Advertising and Promotion Chapter Summaries Chap 18CHAPTER 1 Integrated Marketing Communications1The basic task of marketing is to combine the four controllable elements known as the marketing mix into a comprehensive program that facilitates exchange with a group of customers The elements of the marketing mix are the product price place distribution and promotion market communication Advertising and other forms of promotion are an integral part of the marketing process in most organizations since these tools communicate the value consumers receive within the exchange Marketing communication conveys many aspects of the product including attributes benefits symbolic meaning and brand identity with the hopes of building brand equity Providing price and distribution information are two other important roles of marketing communication so that value is perceived by both customers and noncustomers2Promotion is accomplished through a promotional mix that includes advertising sales promotion public relations direct marketing Internet marketing and personal selling The inherent advantages and disadvantages of each of these promotional mix elements influence the roles they play in the overall marketing program In developing the promotional program the manager must decide which tools to use and how to combine them to achieve the organizations objectives Many organizations assist promotional managers in developing or implementing their plans including advertising agencies media organizations and specialized communication services firms like directresponse agencies sales promotion agencies interactive agencies and public relations firms3Historically companies used massmedia advertising extensively in their promotional plans Eventually companies linked their promotional tools to achieve a more efficient and effective communication program Managers referred to this practice as integrated marketing communications IMC Today IMC is viewed as a strategic and comprehensive planning perspective for all facets of an organizations marketing communication An IMC perspective is an important direction for decision making for a number of reasons Most organizations need to communicate with multiple target audiences requiring decisions on the consistency or uniqueness of messages to each member When planning for IMC managers have to consider how each promotional tool will communicate the brand effectively depending on who is receiving the brand message The emergence of IMC has become even more important for organizations that communicate with some messages to current customers and with other messages to prospective customers An IMC perspective also starts with the consumers point of view in that much marketing communication is perceived as being very similar to or at least labelled as advertising Moreover an IMC perspective for promotional planning has become critical as audiences receive messages from competing brands across different IMC tools A movement toward building longterm relationships through strategies like relationship marketing has altered the communication perspective of many promotional planners Customized communication to individual customers via extensive databases to enhance the lifetime value of customers makes IMC more critical Increased consumer adoption of technology and media allows marketers farreaching avenues for communication that makes paramount the need to consider each tools effects Finally the advantages of taking an IMC perspective are increasingly viewed as being a very effective way of planning for promotion that can lead to greater efficiencies4IMC management involves coordinating the promotional mix elements to develop an integrated program of effective marketing communication The model of the IMC planning process in Figure 18 contains a number of steps a review of the marketing plan a marketing communication situation analysis determining IMC plan objectives development of IMC programs and implementation and control of the overall program This model is consistent with the more general marketing planning model but is more specific to the context of marketing communication It shows that individual marketing communication tools can be recommended to achieve multiple objectives so that the completely coordinated or integrated plan can build brand equity across multiple target audiences
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