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ADM 4346 - Accounting Information Systems: Course Notes

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Sheldon Weatherstone

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Ch1September1411816 PMSystem 2 or more interrelated components interacting to achieve a goalSubsystemsGoal conflict when the goals of a subsystem are in conflict with the goals of another or the system as a wholeGoal congruence when components acting in their own interest contribute toward overall goalData facts that are recorded and storedInsufficient for decision makingInformation data that have been organized and processedProvide meaning1Improve decision making2Information overload too much information that makes it more difficult to make decisionsValue of information benefit produced by the information cost of producing itBenefitsReduces uncertainty1Improve decisions2Improve planning3Improve scheduling4CostsTimeresources1ProduceDistribute Characteristics of useful informationRelevant1Reliable2Free from error or biasComplete3Timely4Understandable5Verifiable6Different people same resultsAccessible75 major business processes systems working toward organizational goalsRevenue1Expenditure2Production3Human resources4Financing5Business TransactionsGiveget exchanges1Between two entities2Measured in economic terms3 Ch1 Page 1 AISCollect process store and report data and infoIf accountinglanguage of businessAISinformation providing vehicle6 components of an AISPeople1Procedures and instructions used to collect process and store data2Data3Software4Information technology infrastructure5Internal controls and security measures that safeguard AIS data6AIS fulfills 3 important business functionsCollect and store data about activities resources personnel1Transform data into information2Provide adequate controls to safeguard assets and data3How AIS adds value to an organizationImproves quality and reduces costs of products and services1AIS that monitors machinery so operators are notified when performance falls outside iacceptable quality limitsImproves efficiency2JIT requires uptodate infoiSharing knowledge3Improving efficiency and effectiveness of supply chain4Improving the internal control structure5Improve decision making6ID situations requiring management actioniReduce uncertaintyiiStore information about results of previous decisionsiiiProvides info in a timely mannerivAutomates customer preferences Amazon etcvSupply chainRaw materials supplier1Manufacturer2Distributor3Retailer4Consumer 5Value chainSet of activities a product or service moves along before it becomes an output sold to a customerAt each activity the product or service gains valueInbound logistics1Operations2Manufacturing repackagingOutbound logistics3Marketing and sales4Services5RepairmaintenanceSupport activities support each stop of the value chainFirm infrastructureaAccounting finance legal admin Ch1 Page 2 Human resourcesbTechnology cPurchasing d Ch1 Page 3
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