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Chapter 1

APA1302 Chapter 1: Chapter 1 - Sociology

Human Kinetics
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APA 1302
Michael Robidoux

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Chapter 1: Perspectives on the Social Dimensions of
Sport and Physical Activity in Canada
Sport is intimately connected to the most significant social institutions of Canadian
Society. It is an extremely popular social phenomenon that has exploded in visibility and
popularity in the last 30 years.
The number of sporting activities and leisure pursuits available to Canadians has
expanded radically over the past 50 years. Many of these activities are more than sports
played for the fun of friendly competition they’re also popular social and cultural events.
Sport Participation Facts:
1. Participation rates across the country continue to decline.
2. Gender gap has increased; men more likely to participate.
3. Participation rates decrease as Canadians get older; young Canadians participation
rates decline faster.
4. Higher income earners are more likely to participate in sport than less affluent
5. Sport participation of non-Anglophones is declining and established immigrants
participate in sport less than recent immigrants.
Sport regularly makes headlines for all the wrong reasons: discriminatory practices,
exploitation of athletes, labour disputes, drug use, sexual abuse, and assault, gambling,
and habitual glorification of violence which are byproducts of an industry focused on
promoting a hyper masculine spectacle for profit.
Questions to Ponder:
1. Why has participation in sport historically been stratified by age, gender, race, and
socioeconomic status?
2. Why is a power and performance model of sport privileged over alternative ways of
playing and doing sport?
3. Will leagues with high rates of concussions and other injuries still exist in two
4. Why do so many cities invest significant amount of public funds in “world-class”
sports arenas and stadiums?
5. Why do countries spend billions of dollars to host the Olympic Games?
6. Should the Canadian government invest in high-performance sport at the expense
of programs that could increase mass participation?
7. Why do gay men hesitate to come out in professional sports environments?
Sport is shaped by the social world around us, so it actively shapes the social world.
The sociological study of sport is a fundamentally creative and exhilarating practice that
can reveal new insights and liens of analysis that contribute to the understand of
contemporary Canadian society.
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