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Chapter 3

APA 2302 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Chariot Racing, Olympic Games, Pankration

Human Kinetics
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APA 2302
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APA2302 Readings and Video Lecture 3
Film: Let the games begin Ancient Greece
- Olympic games were held every 4 years for 12 centuries
- Games were almost 800 years old when Jesus was born a Christian stopped
the games 4 centuries after his death
- Drew 10s of 1000s of people, no other event attracted that many people,
traveled to Olympia where it was always help
- Heart of Olympia was the temple of Zeus dedicated to the God
- Original games were religious rituals (black lamb slaughtered) marked the
start of games, events lasted 5 days (mostly religious rituals)
- 40,000 people packed into the stadium at Olympia
- superstars of Ancient Games: sprinters, whoever won became the name of
the Olympics
- 1st Olympics 776BC, sprint was the only game
- took 60 years to add the double length race and 4 lengths race (2 more races
added to the games)
- 200 years before races were in armor
- 1st field events introduced in pentathlon
- jumping weights were added in long jump
- wrestling was the 4th event added, wrestling was then added to pankration
(there were no rules)
- chariot races, charioteers were slaves not athletes
- Olympia needed 900 years to reach its full potential
- Olympia broken down by flood, Christian ideologies, earthquake buried the
ruins for 12,000 years
- Modern Olympics reignited after this in 1896
Morrow Reading
- sport is aspect of government policy, used for policy, political leverage,
promote culture/national unity
- sport is primarily male domain of interest/expertise
- graduate program University of Alberta was the 1st academic sport history
- 1st generation of academic sport historians found material in papers, diaries,
letters and documented from fur trade to 20th century
- 2nd generation was influenced by political relationships between faculties on
campus and members of older disciplines
- 3rd generation applies a critical examination of earlier approaches
- 1867 Confederation allowed national and international competitions where
Dominion of Canada went
- men excluded women so women created their own games
- late 19th century and early 20th century sports hockey, baseball
- WWI loss reminded them of importance of organized sports prepared men
for war
- 1920s journalist started commenting on sports
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