BIO 1140 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Dengue Virus, Cell Membrane, Deconvolution

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The universal features of cells on earth: (summary) Living organisms reproduce themselves by transmitting genetic information to their progeny. The individual cell is the minimal self-reproducing unit, and is the vehicle for transmission of the genetic information in all living species. Every cell on our planet stores its genetic information in the same chemical form as double-stranded dna. The cell replicates its information by separating the paired dna strands and using each as a template for polymerization to make a new dna strand with a complementary sequence of nucleotides. The same strategy of templated polymerization is used to transcribe portions of the information from. Dna into molecules of the closely related polymer, rna. These in turn guide the synthesis of protein molecules by the more complex machinery of translation, involving a large multimolecular machine, the ribosome, which is itself composed of rna and protein.