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Jeremy Kerr

WEEK 3 READINGCH 2 PG 1321Natural history study of how organisms are influenced by factors like climate soils predators mutations evolution history foundation for modern and conservation ecologyDaniel JazenWanted to restore the tropical dry forestWondered why the Guanacaste tree produced so much fruitTo promote seed dispersal by animals but there were no animals in sightNatural history led him to discover there was once a whole bunch of herbivorous animals camels sloths horses Animals became extinct because of overhunting Then horses and cattle were introduced by the EuropeansTested a hypothesis that horses can act as dispersers for the tree and incorporated this into a management plant Dispersers would accelerate restorationPatterns of Climatic VariationUneven heating of earth by the sun and its tilt on the axis combine to produce predictable latitudinal variation in climateMuch climatic variation is caused by uneven heating of its surface by the sun results from shape and angleRays are most concentrated where the sun is directly overhead latitude changes within seasons occurs because axis isnt perpendicular to plane 235 away from perpendicular Amount of solar energy received by hemispheres changes seasonallyHeating of earth surface drives circulation and influences precipitation patternsHadley CellSun heats air at equator rises and expandsCools as it risesCool air holds less water vapour than warm condenses and forms clouds to produce rain in tropical environmentsStops rising and spreads cools increases density Air is dry since water is gone because of rain
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