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Bio 3176 Chapter 5One way animals have established behavioural priorities is a nervous system with command centersCommand centers are neural clusters or integrated sets of clusters that have primary responsibility for the control of a particular behavioural activityFor example the praying mantis can do many things like fly eat but most of the time it lies still and waits The nervous system inhibits certain muscles from working Also each set of muscles has its own set of ganglion that controls it The protocerebral ganglion are used to inhibit certain movements until a certain timeIf the head is removed completely mantises become immobile However males move and spin in circles which make sense because some males are killed and eaten during copulation and when females eat their head males can continue to move and spin and perform copulation wellSometimes hierarchical ordering of command centers has to change in order to meet demands of a changing environment For example female crickets come out only at night because of the lack of predators Therefore male crickets only call starting at sundown A clock mechanism could be useful for the control of a singing behaviour or any behaviour that
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