BPS1101 Chapter 1: Virus destroys tissue

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Biopharmaceutical sciences
William Ogilvie

Virus destroys tissue destroy tissues, left normal slice of human tissue plaques areas on where the virus has destroyed the cell virus 00> tissue damage that u cant see no cure for the common cold effectively treat 3 viral nothing that can cure a cold absolutely nothing for a cold 7 days cold medication symptoms less severe choose the product according to your symptoms common cold research unit investigations that were carried out after England antibiotic type drugs to help treat the cold buildings where they ex[eriemnted on animals and human free vacation luxry places, nice bufget vacations and low cost not free vacations in exchange for aaccomadtions, experimented on you know what happens to people Sneezing does not spread colds well Sneeze collector bulb has opening and snucked in the sneeze, hooked up to vacuum pumps pipette of sneeze, and inject it inot a person does not contain a lot of virus in it not affect to spread from person to person
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