CMN3174 Chapter Notes - Chapter 0: Metatheory, Determinism, Copy Testing

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2 Aug 2016
Agency Practitioners’ Meta-theories of Advertising (p. 648-661)
Results: Agency Practitioners’ Meta-theories
Reported in 3 parts:
o1) Practitioners fundamental meta-theoretical stance
o2) Causes for doubts
o3) Findings on thinking about the ways of knowing in ads
1st and most important meta-theoretical belief is that there are no rules
Advertising can be defined as not following the rules rather than breaking
Genesis of ideas is subjective work – so ads become an area of opinion rather
than firm knowledge
One of the biggest problems of moderators – they do work, affect the ads
negatively and ads that break the rules are more effective
Reversing category rules – break the rules of the category of your product
(ex. candy)
The Nature of Advertising: Ontological Skepticism
Nature of advertising can be characterized by:
o1) creativity/innovativeness
o2) domination of art over science
o3) individualistic, tacit skills of ad creators
o4) layered structure of its components
Advertising is indeterminate, innovative and creative
Advertising as an industry of subjective ideas where rules and science work
to devastate creative thoughts and actions
Science should not be applied to art (advertising is art) since art is free of
scientific determinism
Compared advertising skills to soccer, music (artistic sports) where there is a
formula for conditioning the person, but only few with enough talent make it
Practitioner-thinking the creative area is off-limits
Client expectations are layered: they want creative but also certainty of
The Way We Known Things in Advertising: Epistemological Skepticism
Epistemological about use of science in ads
This is a distinct meta-theoretical area from ontological views on the nature
of advertising
Skepticism reflected in 4 beliefs:
o1) Purchase behavior (most important thing to explain) hard to tie to
ads because of complexity of other possible causes
o2) Whatever is known about ads is not scientific but common sense
o3) Skeptical about academia-produced research
o4) Are ambiguous about market research
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