CMN3174 Chapter 0: Article Summaries - The Secret of Taste & Women in Advertising

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4 Aug 2016
The Secret of Taste: Why We Like What We Like
By: Tom Vanderbilt
Wilson – for many the present is a watershed moment at which they have
finally become the person they will be for the rest of their lives
What makes preferences change: novelty
MAYA stage – most advanced yet acceptable (termed by Loewy)
Taste is a perpetual motion machine driven by oscillations of novelty and
Hipster effect – looking alike trying to look different (Touboul)
2 strands of human behavior:
o1) We want to be like other people – imitating others (social learning)
is an evolutionary adaptive strategy
Persuasion – when someone knows he is being influenced by another and
that other person knows it too
Contagion – when someone is unaware he is being influenced, and the
influencer is unaware of his influence
Prestige bias – learning from people deemed socially significant
Social media help define our age of mass individualism
For Women in Advertising, It’s Still a “Mad Men” World
By: Sydney Ember
Susan Credle – secretary and now one of the most accomplished women in
the industry (M&Ms and Allstate ads)
Women make up 50% of those working in the ad industry, with a small
number in the top executive positions
It was due to an employee at Walter Thompson that filed a lawsuit against
CEO of sexist behavior that the gender bias conversation was reopened
The business of ads still remains a white man’s world
Megan Pagliuca said sexism revealed itself in social events like gold outings
and drinking events for business – women must engage in male activities so
as not to lose out on establishing important relationships
Women must make the choice of conforming to male counterparts or staying
true to who they are
Many ads portray stereotypical gender roles (mothers in kitchen etc.)
Only 11% of creative directors are women
25% of women in advertising said they had experienced gender
23% said they experienced sexual harassment
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