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Lecture 3 Ch 1January1013554 PM IntroCommunication theory and historyMetts communication is based on a process in which messages whether intentional or unintentional create meaningSocial organization exists as a result of the different communicative mechanisms adopted through its norms rituals cultural values etc communication can also be constrained ex Totalitarian and dictatorship regimes so social structures are used to determine normsDialectical process tension and influence between social structures and communicationSocial communication might be strategic andor consequentialStrategic in the way messages are constructed with certain goals or motivations in mind theory to explain why some messages are more effective than othersConsequential because they dont always have strategic foals and can potentially carry unintended or unanticipated implicationsPercetual consequences refer to our assumptions about others and others assumptions about usAssumptions makes us believe that people are sending us messages through their appearancesChanges in opinion are based on the messages to which one has been exposedBehavioural consequences refer to chaing ones own behaviour wthout outside influenceEx Spending time with people you actually enjoy being aroundConversational synchrony occurs when you match someone elses communication patternEx Avoiding the use of slang around a teacherRelational consequences occur when interaction patterns are repeated and sustained within professional social and personal relationshipsEx Family workplace and school interactions stress patterns of repetitivesness and sustainmentLay theories how and why things occur in the worldGenerates variables in order t attempt to understand the situationTheory desribes concepts and the specification of relationships between or surrounding these conceptsChange depending on new concepts and the potential of hypothesized relationshipsConcepts are the building blocks of theories because they refer to features qualities or characteristics of elements in categoriesConcepts definitions used in assessing the categories scholars want to isolate and study in order to understand and assess theories Relationshps that exist etween concepts are based on 3 types of propositionsTemporal relationship stresses that some concepts come before other concepts in timeCorrectlational assocciation stresses that 2 or more concepts tend to occur or change together in a patterned mannerCasual proposition most complex stresses the notion of cause and effect
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