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Chapter 5&8

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Lecture 5 Ch 58January1013555 PM 2Step Flow of Communication TheoryNews diffusion process of spreading by word of mouth fresh and timely information about recent news events or situations through a number of individualsoEx Market places tavers coffee houses1 initial release of news story in mass media2 word of mouth diffusionPeoples Choice Project The Seminal StudyLarge scale study on how voters make up their mind in a presidential election and how much mass media played a roleMedia of the time had an influence on the vote decisions of various categories of peopleStill provide guides to understanfing the influences on voters of the mass communicated political messages provided by the 2 major political parties during presidential election campaignsOne of the main sources of information people received about the campaign and the candidates was the other peopleBackground The Presidential Election of 1940 Erie County Ohio The Site of the StudyDesignStudy of how people make up their minds for whom to vote as one of the most detailed and sophisticated survey research eff
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