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Chapter 3

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Aliaa Dakroury

Lecture 1 Ch 3January1013547 PM Intro to Communication TheoryWe desire to avoid uncertainty and like to know what is going to happen in a certin circumstanceTo avoid anxiousness and being uncomfortableTo fell in control of the environment motivates theoriesGuide behavioural choices tell us what other people are likely to do or say help interpret outcomes that are consistent with our expectationsTheories are organizing frameworks that allow situations to be meaningful instead of chaotic provide fondation of understandingSubject to change and elaboation as we encounter inconsistencies and new infoScientific theories are distinguishable because theyre tested and research extended and refinedEx Applications in different contexts people manupulation of variables obsrevation comparisonsGoal of theory construction increase confidence that a theory has validityaccuracy as an explaination for how something works Definition Scholars Receiver prospective when an individual percieves the behaviour of another person and assigns a meaning comunication has occurred message can be sent unintentionally or unconciouslyCounts because reciever interprets it as meaningful and respondsIncludes nonverbalProblem everything is a message communicationperceptionSender perspective communication occurs when sender intentionally encodes a message and sends it to another personInvolves transformation of thought cognition into symbolic code languageProblem process is unintentional and informative communication is lostCommunication process through which messages create meaning IntroTake communication for granted and forget how complex and essential it is until we lose it become aware after weve bought something useless or becoming frusterated with the lack of of progressTheories are our window to preventing poorly managed communication challengesDescribe what typically happens and why and to predict What does communication doReason why societies can and do existMechanism by which culture is constructed shaped and sustainedHow cultures values and norms are manifested and understoodNo social organizing without it
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