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Chapter 6&7

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Aliaa Dakroury

Lecture 6 Ch 67January1013555 PM Gatekeeping TheoryDecisions have to be made by those who manage media about what to select and present to the publicProblem any medium can present only limited number of stories in space available so provide seletive pictureGatekeepingExamining pool of items applying criteria selecting from pool smaller numberActivity of editors reviewing stories and selectings content of daily offeringsgatekeeping as a result of David Manning research wiretelegraph service editorDecision made to get story through gate those that dont make it through will stay closedWill Rogers all I know is what I read in the papers social constructions of realityProcessoSurveilance function every news medium has a large number of news stories brought to its attention by reporters and other sourcesoOnly a limited amount of timespace is available in any medium for its daily presentations of news remaining sace devoted to advertismentoNews perspective subculture complex criteria for judging news story criteria based on organizational policy definitions of newsworthiness conceptions of nature of the relevant audience and beliefsoSelect limited number of stories encode them in ways in which the requirements of the medium and audience are metoPersonel in news become gatekeepers letting some stories through and leaving some out limits controls and shapes the publics knowledgeBasic News functions of the pressPress has responsibility to present the truth Peter Zenger NY weekly watchdog functionFreedom of press concept establishedHarold Lasswell to preform well in alerting publicoSurveillance of environmentPress has corps of reporters that monitor the world beats ex Wall street city hallPositive daily needs of society alert about dangersNegative take away personal prestige disrupt social stability mislead publicoCorrelation of parts of society in responding to the environmentHelp people understand relationship between events to reach conclusions about what to do about itoTransmission of social heritage form one generation to nextRequirement to keep records accurate and inclusive since events contribute to development of society and cultureTo gain perspective on previous accountsPart of fourth estate obligation of press to serve as watchdogsOriginsOriginated from practical study during WW2 by Kurt Lewin
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