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Chapter 10

CMN2148 Chapter 10: Chapter 10 Summary and Key Terms

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Mary Hawkins

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Chapter 10: Organizational Change and Communications CMN2148 B • Organizational innovation is the development of ideas, practices products, and processes which meet needs in new ways • Organizational change is an alteration from one state to another. It is both planned and unplanned o More organization support planning for continuous improvement or change. How change is handled, the amount of change, who decides what to change, and a a host of other issues are all responsibilities of those with professional communication competencies • Developing and sustaining organizational excellence is the rationale for innovation and change. Some barriers to innovation and change are the following; o Complacency o Organizational silence o Knowledge/information deficits o Risk perception o Uncertainty o Contradictions & misalignments o Active and passive resistance o Organizational leaders o Organizational trust o Organizational decline o Organizational crisis • The leadership of innovation and change often is a professional communication responsibility • Models and processes for organizational innovation and change include o Accelerators of innovation and change o Diffusion of innovations o Stakeholder theory o The purchase, doctor-patient, & process models o Appreciative inquiry processes • Professional responsibilities for change include data collection, data evaluation, and planning and implementing solutions o Structural, technological, and behavioral changes are all included in change efforts • Evaluating re
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