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Chapter 13

CMN2160 Chapter 13: Barlow

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Patrick Mc Curdy

Chapter 13: Public Sphere Habermas: critical theorist, the Public Sphere, The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere, characteristics of the public sphere: 1. Increased range of voices in public debate 2. Public opinion 3. Increasing tendency to use the term dumbing down as a way of describing contemporary media Public Sphere: Realm of our social life in which something approaching public opinion can be formed Access guaranteed to all citizens Requires guarantee of freedom of assembly and association and freedom to express and publish their opinions Sphere which mediates between society and state, in which the public organizes itself as the bearer of public opinion As a result of a reasoning public Media of the public sphere: newspapers, magazines, radio, TV Political public sphere: public discussion dealing with the activity of the state As opposed to the literary public sphere The state is not part of the public sphere! Public opinion: the tasks of criticism and control which a public body of citizens informally (and formally in election) practices the ruling structure organized in the form of a state History of Public Sphere: Arose in 18th century as a result of a particular phase of bourgeois society: competitive market capitalism Representative public sphere: feudal authorities Public authority: came into being with national and territorial states Public came to refer to an institution regulated according to competence Public sphere operates between the private and the political authority Through the public sphere, political authority is transformed into rational authority Rational: concerned with the preservation of general public interests Reasons for state regulation: 1. Failure of self regulating market to meet needs of the wider population 2. Private matters spill out into the public sphere
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