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Sam Alvaro

Criminology Textbook Notes Chapter 12 Key terms • Amateur theft: Property crime committed by unskilled offenders who act when the opportunity arises • Booster: Skilled, professional shoplifters who sell their stolen goods to fences or pawn shops • Decision-making process: The ways judges and prosecutors determine what happens at various stages of the criminal justice system • Fencing: The selling of stolen goods • Fraud: (308) • Identity theft: (308) • Joyriding: The temporary stealing of a car or other motor vehicle in order to drive or ride in it for the thrills • Professional theft: Property crime committed by skilled offenders who carefully plan their offenses • Rationalization: A justification or technique of neutralization that minimizes the guilt that criminal offenders may otherwise feel • Sneaky thrill crimes: Offenses committed for the excitement • Snitch: An amateur shoplifter • Social organization: The pattern of relationships and roles in a society • Support system: The network of tipsters and fences that help burglars carry out their burglaries and dispose of their stolen goods • Target hardening: Efforts to make homes, stores and other buildings less vulnerable to burglary and other grimes • Tax fraud: (309) Notes o Part I offenses (property crime) [in brackets are def
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